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Next Cohort - January 30th.

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Northcoders is the coding bootcamp for those looking to find a software engineering role in the North of England.

Our primary course is Accelerate: a 13-week full-stack JavaScript course designed to give you all the skills you need to succeed as an entry-level software developer.

You'll spend the first half of the course learning the technical skills needed to succeed. You'll spend the second half honing those skills by working on exciting real-world production apps.

On graduation, you'll have all the skills you need to hit the ground running in your first tech job.

Northcoders will be granting two fully sponsored #womenintech scholarships on our January cohort. You can apply now. All scholarships are awarded on merit. If you are a tech business who are interested in sponsoring further scholarships please get in touch.

Ignite is our part-time, beyond-the-basics JavaScript course, run either over a series of Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Ignite is a great way to get a taste of the Northcoders way and prepares you for the entry standard on Accelerate.

<What we're about />

Northcoders' mission is to be a major force in making the Northern Powerhouse a reality.

The code we write, and the companies built around the value that code creates, will have a profound impact on our region over the coming years. We're here to help make that happen as quickly as possible and to have an impact of our own on those whose education is our responsibility.

Rock-solid foundations

We’ve carefully crafted what we’re sure is the best software developer curriculum in the UK.

We’ve based it on the principles at the heart of the best coding bootcamp in Silicon Valley and added unique innovations of our own.

Taken to the next level

We use JavaScript across the stack - from the hottest front-end frameworks to Node.js on the back end. We'll even develop some cross platform mobile apps We teach you how to write clean, maintainable, testable code: Northcode.

When your graduate from Northcoders and start the next chapter of your life, you’ll hit the ground running never looking back.

Ultimate experience

Sound like hard work? It is. Really hard. Change your life in 13 weeks remember? We’re a good bunch though and believe ‘hard’ can, and should, be fun.

For sure, you’ll need a certain mind set to succeed with us and we’ll make sure you have it before you join us, but if you’ve got it you’ve got it and you’ll be just fine.

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Join us on the 30th of January

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