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Looking to launch a Software Engineering career in the North of England? Northcoders is the Coding Bootcamp for you.

Our 12-week Full-Time Bootcamp is designed to teach you all the skills you’ll need to succeed as a software developer. We update our curriculum continuously in line with our hiring partners' needs, teaching solid fundamentals through a curriculum based on cutting-edge technologies.

We also run a highly flexible 24-week Part-Time bootcamp covering the same content as our Full-Time course, designed to fit around your life.

Our in-house Career Development team ensure you are given the best possible support. Not just during the course, but for as long as you need afterwards. We will set up the interviews you choose within our network of Northern tech employers to ensure that you land your first job as a software developer.


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Our 12-Week Bootcamp

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Our Flexible 24-Week Bootcamp

<Recent Graduate Stories />

<Amanda />

"One of the tutors, Chris, was massively supportive and helped me tweak the daily routine to fit it in alongside running a home."

<Hibo />

"My time at Northcoders can best be described as a turning point in my life."

<Tony />

"Northcoders surpassed my expectations by organising weekly meetups with me in Leeds and actively growing their employer connections here."

<What we're about />


It's at the heart of everything that we do here.

When you join Northcoders, you won’t just be a student, you’ll be a part of our family and be treated as such from the moment you walk through our door.

From staying behind after hours to help you with your code to access to our dedicated welfare officer, from fresh fruit to endless supplies of hot and cold drinks, we have your back every step of the way through your coding journey. It’s who we are and it’s how we work.

The North in Northcoders

You’ll find that Northern values are at the heart of everything we do at Northcoders.

The North is a very social part of the world, and so the friendships that begin on the course are, for us, as important as the code.

We value hard work, grit, determination and good humour above all else. Time and again we've seen that the people who demonstrate these traits are the people who succeed.

It's the Northern DNA. You either get it or you don't. it's in our blood. Let’s see if it’s in yours too.

We Have Fun

We won’t deny that our bootcamps can be hard work. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun. Why shouldn't it be?

Learning to code is in many ways like being a kid again. You're building new stuff all the time and you’ll recapture the delight every kid gets from creating things all by themselves. That’s got to be fun, right?

We also like to get together and let our hair down. We have regular nights out with our current students - and our past students tend to turn up too. We think that says something about us.

Women in Tech

From the outset, Northcoders has been committed to playing our part in getting more women into tech.

We granted 9 full #WomenInTech scholarships to women in 2016 - funded by ourselves - and we'll continue to do so.

Tech is the future for the North - and it'd be a pretty bleak one if it didn't involve more women.

Northcoders is offering 4 fully-funded #WomenInTech scholarship places on our February cohorts. In applying to our Full-Time or Part-Time bootcamps, you will automatically be considered.

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