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"We've taken on two Northcoders so far. We're excited for the future of both of them... We love the culture and vibe of what Northcoders does."

<Liam Bateman />

Technical Director

"We will continue to hire more and more people from Northcoders. That's a done deal... If you're considering using Northcoders, there's zero risk... What Northcoders have hit on is unique."

<Max Noble & Andrew Hall />

Founder, and CTO

"We've had a really positive experience working with Northcoders"

<Richard Milnes />


"We have 4 Northcoders graduates. They've come to us well-equipped to pick up the tech that we use, a fantastic work ethic and a fantastic attitude to learning things. They're great people."

<Paul Schofield />

Product Owner

"Northcoders have an advantage in that they've done something before they came to Northcoders... Those life and people skills are actually quite useful. I need people who can potentially become a team lead."

<John Ingham />


"It's the well-rounded skill set and that work ethic that we are really attracted to with Northcoders. We've tried the graduate route in the past, and they are missing all those real-world skills."

<Jon Brooks />

Technical Director

"It's a relatively short course, but the skillset that the seven people we've hired came out with far exceeds our expectations of what's possible in that time"

<James Higgins />

Product Director

"We hired a Northcoder... She helped us not only improve what we build but the way we do things "

<Steve Elliott />

Head of Engineering

"Amul took great time, care and attention to understand what were looking for, and we really enjoyed the whole the process "

<Damian Hanson />



"Northcoders prepare people for that (modern development) reality in a very secure way "

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<Rob Kerr />

Senior Front-End Developer

"Since discovering Northcoders, recruiting and growing our team has been a breath of fresh air"

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<David Pickering />

Head of Engineering

"We first met Northcoders mid 2016 and it has been a wonderful journey"

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<Jade Daubney />

Lead and Graduate Talent Scout

"Northcoders surpassed our expectations. Their syllabus and high standards show in the quality of the graduates"

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<Dan Pass />


"We were delighted to find that through the Northcoders we could access talented and ambitious female developers"

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<Stuart Brown />


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