21 Unbiased Reviews of Northcoders

21 Unbiased Reviews of NorthcodersPreview: 21 Unbiased Reviews of Northcoders

We love getting feedback from our students. If you're reading this because you're considering joining one of our coding bootcamps in Leeds or Manchester, we thought you would like to take a look too!

So we searched the internet to bring together 21 unbiased Northcoders reviews – all taken from independent third-party websites with no official links or ties to Northcoders. 


I would definitely recommend this course."

I had a great experience while doing The Developer Pathway at Northcoders. The tutors are very knowledgeable, and I benefited a lot from their carefully prepared lectures. I was particularly impressed by the support I received after the course when looking for employment in the Greater Manchester area. I would definitely recommend this course to those looking to move into software development and you can be assured that you will receive a lot of support along the way from a talented, friendly team!

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"They have a great teaching staff."

Definitely recommended for people looking to learn coding and making a career change. They have a great teaching staff who do an excellent job of explaining coding concepts and helping to hone your problem-solving skills. 

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Northcoders will change your life.


"Northcoders will change your life."

Once you've worked your socks off through the bootcamp the talent team will smoothly guide you into a role right for you, they take care of the whole process – including setting up interviews.

I accepted my first role as a developer within three weeks of graduating. It's the leading coding bootcamp in the UK, and it's filled wall to wall with bright, intelligent, positive people. Northcoders will change your life.

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Northcoders was worth every single penny."

I was a bit dubious at first – nobody seemed to have a bad word to say on the whole internet. Because of that, I went in to meet the team before I applied and it immediately changed my mind. You can just feel the buzz and scale of the place even when you walk inside the door.

A friend of mine went to a competitor bootcamp and wound up saying she wished she'd not gone there because they seemed like they were just playing at it and copy-catting everything Northcoders said, but didn't deliver the goods. They literally took her money online with no application process whatsoever, so watch out for that.

In terms of the experience, it was extraordinary from start to finish and I found work in under two weeks. I really, really like my new job and am incredibly grateful to the team at Northcoders for making the match. I guess my advice would be, watch out for bootcamps trying to copy success and don't be taken in by their cheaper prices or copy cat tactics. Didn't pay off for my friend. I believe Northcoders was worth every single penny three times over and would pay it again every time. Cheers guys.

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I have recommended Northcoders to several people as I think they are really supportive and deliver on everything they say.


"They are really helpful, not only on the course but after as well."

The course itself is really fun and you will learn a lot due to it being so intense and you meet some amazing people in the process! I was the youngest graduate at the time and I now work for a finance company in Manchester as a junior developer. They are really helpful, not only on the course but after as well, as they help you improve your CV, general skills and make you more employable to companies. If you enjoy coding and want to pursue a career in tech then I definitely recommend this course!  

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"They changed my life for the better."

I have recommended Northcoders to several people as I think they are really supportive and deliver on everything they say. I had a fantastic time there and really felt that they changed my life for the better.

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"Brilliant. Exceeded all my expectations."

The experience was superb. Everything was organised and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

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The course itself and the career support exceeded all of my expectations.


"Extraordinary course run by extraordinary people."

I considered a few options before deciding to go for Northcoders and I am very, very glad and relieved that I did. The course itself and the career support exceeded all of my expectations, which were pretty high already. The staff are very, very special – very generous, patient and kind people who appear to genuinely get their joy from helping their students. 

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"A life-changing, challenging but beautiful journey."

Northcoders was a challenging but beautiful journey.  Taking the jump into the world of coding was not easy as I had to leave a secure full-time job.  But providing a better future for my family was the main purpose so I made the leap.

Due to the structure of the course and the one-to-one mentor sessions I have developed more than I could of dreamed of in just a few months. Once you reach the project phase the careers team guide you through interviews, jobs and CVs.  

I have met some amazing people here, friends for life and now work buddies. I will be eternally grateful for the life-changing opportunities and development I have experienced as a Northcoder. Thank you Northcoders!!!

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"Amazing company."

Brilliant experience! Got a job within two weeks of my graduation.

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"Brilliant course that has helped me pass two tech tests confidently and get a job."

The course was well structured with great support and The Developer Pathway allowed me to repeat a back-end block that I was struggling on, which I talked about at an interview because it was a positive, as it allowed me to do more advanced things and really embed the back-end principles. The tech tests at interview were hard but I had been well prepared and surprised myself with my confident answers and how much I had picked up on the course. They have indeed turned me into an entry-level dev as they promised, fantastic!

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I couldn't have asked for more.


"Turned my whole career around in under six months."

A totally life-changing experience for me. I couldn't have asked for more. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of becoming a software developer.

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"Best place to learn to code."

This is an amazing place to learn code. It's run by great people and designed to fit individuals needs. It's very intense but worth every second.

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"I’m now working at an amazing job I love."

I had zero experience in anything IT related when I decided I wanted to give coding a go.

I signed up for the pre-course which was a great intro and helped me decide this was the way to go. The course itself was amazing. The staff are so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and the course is really well put together. They don’t just teach you what you need to know but also how to go on and teach yourself further. I’m now working at an amazing job I love which works in a different language than what I was taught and I’m really happy and confident here. I can’t recommend Northcoders enough, it’s been life-changing.

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I can’t recommend Northcoders enough. It’s been life-changing.


"I can’t thank everyone at Northcoders enough."

Northcoders allows you to learn at a pace that’s right for you. There is so much help and support, not only while you're on the course, but after you graduate too. Once a Northcoder always a Northcoder. I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it l. I can’t thank everyone at Northcoders enough. It has opened doors and given me so many new opportunities.

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"There really isn’t any reason not to go for it."

I can't speak highly enough of the Northcoders course. It really does what it says on the tin! Alongside the fact that I've accelerated into a career within 10 months from deciding to apply to getting a job (something that can take a lot longer going down the university route), I've met some genuinely amazing people. The course is fun, challenging and really rewarding. There really isn't any reason to not go for it if you are thinking about a career in software development.

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Ben M

"It is a really friendly and supportive environment."

The Developer Pathway course was a really rewarding and challenging experience and taught me and my fellow students not only the most up to date and relevant JavaScript and other software development skills, but also the ability to tackle and overcome difficult concepts head on. It equipped us with the ability to learn like developers need to, in order to stay current in the industry. The staff were all great and it is a really friendly and supportive environment. I thoroughly recommend it if you are considering a career change into this industry.

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"Big shout out to the amazing career team. The level of help from them is insane."

Despite the hard work, I never dreaded Monday morning – in fact, I often looked forward to it.

10 days after graduating I had an offer for more than the average graduating salary, which I accepted. And it says something that out of my graduating group, I was one of the later ones to get a job.

Big shout out to the amazing career team – the level of help from them is insane. When I first enrolled at this course, I was worried that the Northcoders website was full of false promises. I could not have been more wrong.

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I was worried that the Northcoders website was full of false promises. I could not have been more wrong.


"They helped me not just to get a job, but to get the right job for me."

I completed this course over the summer of 2018 as I was unhappy in my career choice and wanted to try something new. Northcoders provided a comprehensive course with practically round-the-clock support. They helped me not just to get a job, but to get the right job for me, which I'm now extremely happy with. The atmosphere is friendly and welcome to all skill and experience levels. I honestly could not recommend it enough for anyone wanting to start out in a career in coding. Plus, you get to live in Manchester for three months! Total win.

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"Joining Northcoders is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

From day one at Northcoders I felt challenged and yet in safe hands. The tutors gave me the confidence to believe in my own abilities, offering support whenever required. At Northcoders the syllabus is always changing to keep with the demand for skills from hiring partners. They also strive for feedback from the students to find what works and what can be improved. Joining Northcoders is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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"A sleek, well-designed curriculum."

A sleek, well-designed curriculum with the introduction of the modular Developer Pathway.

  • Great in-person technical support model with a help-desk during sprints.
  • Pastoral care taken very seriously
  • No big egos
  • Regular contact with industry hiring partners

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