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We love getting feedback from our students. If you're reading this because you're considering joining one of our bootcamps, whether it’s coding or cloud engineering, we thought you would like to hear from some like minded people who have graduated recently.

So we searched the internet to bring together 21 unbiased Northcoders reviews – all taken from independent third-party websites with no official links or ties to Northcoders so you can be confident their opinion really matters. 

"Northcoders is - without any doubt at all in my mind - the best professional education I've ever done in my career."


Northcoders is - without any doubt at all in my mind - the best professional education I've ever done in my career.

Definitely recommended for people looking to learn coding and making a career change. They have a great teaching staff who do an excellent job of explaining coding concepts and helping to hone your problem-solving skills. 

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I learned a lot in a short time - more than I did in years at university - made a lot of new friends and really enjoyed the experience. I found a job at a software consultancy shortly after graduating and have been there since.

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Great learning environment and support. It enabled me start my career in the industry that I love. I wish I had taken the course sooner.

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"The best educational experience I have ever had."


The staff are amazing and the support available is brilliant. I really didn't expect the level of staff allocation we got. Ultimately you will need to put the effort in to get the most out of it (as you'd expect). Myself and most of the people I made friends with have gone on to have high paying junior roles in tech.

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"Amazing bootcamp that will prepare you for a role in software development.”


If you want to work in software development and are looking for a bootcamp that will give you the skills you need then absolutely go with Northcoders. The course itself develops the skills you need even if you're coming with very little knowledge when you start.

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"Life changing..."


Solid training that gets you truly work ready for a career in software. I was overwhelmed by how supportive and empowering people at Northcoders were. I was in a really tough place in my life and doing the bootcamp at northcoders turned it around.

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"Honestly a life-changing experience."


The tutors/student ratio is excellent. And the tutors are all really lovely, and great at explaining concepts. I learnt a massive amount from tutors reviewing my code whenever I was stuck.

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"Northcoders is a supportive learning environment that I looked forward to everyday.”


My whole experience of Northcoders was really enjoyable and I learned so much in a short space of time. The tutors were friendly and patient, so that I always felt ok asking for help. 

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I couldn't recommend Northcoders more highly. The bootcamp gave me skills, experience, and built my confidence to attain a great position. I'm doubtful whether I ever learned more in thirteen weeks.

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"Once a Northcoders always a Northcoder."


Northcoders allows you to learn at a pace that’s right for you ... there is so much help an support not only while your on the course l, but after you graduate too... once a Northcoder always a Northcoder. I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it l. I can’t thank everyone at northcoders enough it has opened doors and given me so many new opportunities.

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Northcoders provides an incredible supportive environment, I learned so much during the 12 weeks and couldn't have done it without all their support! The career support was also great and helped me to find a job very quickly after. It's hard work, but it's very worth it!

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"Challenging, lovely and life-changing."


Industry led methods and knowledge, combined with mentors and staff who are without doubt the loveliest people I've got to interact with over the past years. Great atmosphere and off the back of this bootcamp now I've got a job. 

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Instructors are very helpful, patient and attentive. Don't expect them to solve your problem for you though! The careers team are excellent, and work hard to try and help you find a job once the bootcamp is over. Overall, highly recommended if you are serious about starting a new career in software development.

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"Best learning experience I ever had."


This experience has been life-changing. I genuinely enjoyed every moment and learnt so, so much! The support tutors and mentors have given me has been amazing. They were all very reactive to feedback and really tried their best for each and every student.

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Great experience and good support for finding a job. Everything I’ve learnt I still use that knowledge.

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"Northcoders Bootcamp was an awesome experience."


Not only did they teach me everything I needed to become a software developer in three months only, but I was able to land an amazing job as a software engineer just three weeks after graduating. If you're serious about becoming a software developer, this is a great place to start.

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"Life changing for me!"


Super fast paced, very friendly professional and engaging tutors and even though I was far from the best coder on the course (read not even close) I have still gone on to land the best job I have ever had in my life with a great company.

The job is ultimately the most important metric to measure the course by for me and this would not have been possible without the Northcoders experience.

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"My journey to success”


At 28 deciding to change careers can be a tricky business but I could not be happier with my decision. The course was quite challenging at times but I was a able to land my first developer role before I even graduated! The tutors are amazing and always there to help and the careers department is amazing and helped me a lot with great feedback about my cv and job applications.

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"If you are serious about software development, its a must."


I have learnt so much from this course, it was intensive, but it gave me the confidence to learn and do more. The course provided exposure to many topics which you got to practice.

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From the day I applied, Northcoders supported me through onboarding and studying for the entry challenge (really important as it helps you discover if coding is really what you want to do!). The course was brilliant - it teaches you everything you need to be a Junior Developer and a bit more.

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“I can't recommend Northcoders highly enough.”


They are fantastic! I went from code newbie to Software Engineer in the space of a few months, having a lot of fun along the way. The community they have created is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.

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