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5 Ways The Northcoders Careers Team Supports Success

Pair programming at Northcoders Manchester office Preview: Pair programming at Northcoders Manchester office

Northcoders is more than a coding bootcamp: we also want to see our students succeed in their career beyond. But how do we do this? Our career support is what sets us apart. This support is all about giving our graduates the best chance at securing a role in tech after they have finished a bootcamp. 

But why take our word for it? We recently spoke to some of our graduates to explore the impact of our Careers Team, the value of our partnerships with over 500 hiring partners, and how these elements contributed to their latest career achievements.

Personalised Support

Every person on our bootcamp is unique, so we understand the importance of every student receiving personalised support throughout the process. Ash Ingham, who is now working as a Junior Software Developer at WJP Software Ltd told us  “The Careers Team were awesome. The support to prepare for searching for a role after completing the Northcoders programme was truly invaluable. The career services and guidance provided by the team were comprehensive and tailored to individual needs. From resumé building and interview preparation workshops, they equipped me with the necessary tools and skills to navigate the job market successfully.” 

Beyond the aspects that Ash has mentioned here, the Northcoders Careers Team also provides guidance around CV writing, workplace professionalism, interview techniques, and more. You can read more about it here

Ash also praised the Hiring Partner Team at Northcoders, who nurture and maintain relationships with businesses interested in hiring junior talent fresh from our bootcamp. Our partner catalogue is always growing through networking at events, speaking on stage, and word of mouth thanks to businesses’ success from hiring our graduates. He recognised that "Northcoders maintained strong industry connections" which greatly supported him in his job search.

Curriculum Correlates with Work Expectations

Our 13 week curriculums across Software Development, Cloud Engineering and Data Engineering focus on the skills that employers are looking for. Daniel Gilbert, who is working as an Associate Consultant at Accenture Next Generation Engineering, spoke about the clear correlation between the curriculum and the role he is in now. “The course content directly applies to my role where I work. The pacing of the content and structure of delivery really enables you to grasp each concept before moving forward.”

As our 13 week curriculum is delivered full time 8.30am - 5pm and includes pair programming and project work, graduates are well-prepared for their roles in tech.

Events to Help with Confidence 

Vladimir Ilkov Stoyanov, who is currently working as a Salesforce Developer, discusses the events that made a big impact on his job search: “Networking tips, resumé tips, the Northcoders job board and the Match Me If You Can events. All of these combined pretty much rocket-boosts any junior that's looking for their first job in the sector. It was excellent. I was involved in an interview process with every single company from the Match Me If You Can event I went to (and now work for one of them) so that goes to show they're very valuable.”

LinkedIn Support 

LinkedIn is a key platform for developers to push their portfolio to hirers. Our Careers Team helps students set up their LinkedIn profiles and teaches them how to format and add portfolios, as well as how to use the platform to find roles. Johnny Hall, who is now a Software Developer at Paramet Limited, spoke about his journey with LinkedIn: “Special mention to my careers coach, Joe, who really helped with my LinkedIn profile and was patient with my stupid questions! LinkedIn was ultimately how my new employer reached out to me, so I can’t thank Joe enough!”

Mock Interviews 

Our career experts also spend time with students conducting mock interviews and coding challenges to help graduates feel more confident and familiar with these important aspects of getting a job. Our Careers Team also gives feedback to students on how they can improve for the real thing. Akashdeep Singh Kaur, who is working as a Junior Software Engineer at GivEnergy, explains “The team organised mock interviews and coding challenges, which not only boosted my confidence but also honed my interview skills.” 

We’re proud of all that our team does to improve the chances of our students finding their first tech role after graduation. If you want to compare our Core and Career Plus bootcamps, find out more here