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8 reasons why you should you hire a Northcoder

8 reasons why you should you hire a NorthcoderPreview: 8 reasons why you should you hire a Northcoder

Every company is different. But we like to think our graduates will tick many of your boxes. Surprise you. Exceed your expectations.
We’ve put together 8 reasons you should consider Northcoders as your next hires.

1. Northcoders are passionate about code 

  • The only people we accept on to the Northcoders Bootcamp are people who want to live and breathe code.
  • We make sure that they genuinely want to create amazing things.
  • Only 10% of applicants actually get selected to attend the bootcamp.

2. Advocates of best practices 

  • We teach our students to write nothing but the cleanest of code.
  • A Northcoder writes human-readable, beautifully linted, DRY code.

3. TDD mentality 

  • From day one and throughout the course, our students use TDD.
  • We teach them using test utilities like Chai, Mocha, Sinon and Enzyme.

4. Cutting Edge Technology 

  • We update our curriculum every 12 weeks based on feedback from our partners and latest trends.
  • Our graduates have spent their project phases teaching themselves new technologies like Socket.IO, WebRTC, Alexa, AWS, Firebase, React Native in order to deliver their end to end apps.

5. Workplace practices 

  • Our graduates are taught to code in sprint based projects.
  • Pair Programming is a core practice we teach from day 1 and our students practice throughout the course.
  • They use Agile methodology for project phase - with morning stand-ups, and Trello as their Kanban board.
  • They are are taught CI and are comfortable using Git.

6. JavaScript - across the stack 

  • On the front-end, we teach React & Redux - firmly in Thoughtworks’ Tech Radar ‘adopt’ section - and the React ecosystem including Webpack and Babel.
  • On the back-end, we teach Node, MongoDB, Express and PostgreSQL. We even introduce them to Serverless.

7. JavaScript is just their first language 

  • They’ll learn it well, and they’ll learn it fast.
  • And the main trait of a Northcoder is that they are taught to teach themselves.
  • Northcoders go on to code at companies with stacks in C#, .NET and Java.
  • Over half of the July graduates are completing the Java Conversion Course and will be even more prepared to enter companies with Object Oriented technology stacks.

8. You’d be in good company 

  • Northcoders go on to work at many businesses across the North.
  • Including the likes of Thoughtworks, Peak.BI, AccessPay, Barclays, Magnetic North, Degree 53 and many more!

We exist to help businesses across the North of England thrive. We would love to help you grow your dev team. Head over to our website to find out more and get in touch!
After all… Northcoders is not our brand. Northcoders are our brand

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