An Update from Chris Hill, our CEO

An Update from Chris Hill, our CEOPreview: An Update from Chris Hill, our CEO

This is a message from Northcoders CEO Chris Hill during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The COVID-19 crisis is the biggest challenge that most of us have ever faced in our lives. Everyone is being touched by this directly, and while I’m going to talk about this crisis from the perspective of Northcoders, there is a human cost to this crisis, and my thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones or fallen ill. I would also like to thank the key workers and carers, who’re working hard to ensure we get through this as painlessly as possible.

At Northcoders,  we must face the reality that times have changed. Things are going to get harder this year. Very few organisations are going to be doing better out of this crisis, We are certainly no exception.

Tech is a robust and crucial industry which the world relies upon, and it is here to stay. But it’s not that simple. Tech is intertwined with so many industries, and when one sector suffers, we all do. In the wake of the lockdown in the UK, we made a difficult decision to furlough a number of our team. Those in our team who can have offered to take significant temporary pay cuts. 

I am lucky to work with a team of bright and passionate people who have shown unwavering determination and flexibility at this time of hardship. Not every executive enjoys this privilege. I work with brilliant people, who have risen to every challenge, and worked hard to improve themselves and the business. And they have helped to bring Northcoders to where it is today. 

For that reason, when the crisis struck, our priority was to do whatever we could to make sure every member of our team kept their livelihoods. And I am looking forward to seeing them again when normality returns.

Since Northcoders started, we’ve helped hundreds of people launch exciting and rewarding careers. And they have contributed vast amounts to the UK economy in doing so. It’s been almost unbelievable - certainly humbling - for me and those who have helped to get Northcoders to this point, to see the differences we have made to people across the North. I am extremely proud. 

Despite everything that is happening, this is still our mission today: help make people’s lives better through tech. 

I plan to share another update soon to keep everyone informed about what’s new and what’s old and improving,  and what we are doing to support those in our community who are worried about the state of the industry as a whole. The team and I do not have all the answers yet, but we are working hard (in our living rooms), so we will, and you’ll be the first to know.

Please, approach us with any questions, opinions and ideas. Northcoders has always been feedback led, we genuinely value everyone’s opinion. Hopefully, we will find synergies between the things individual people want to talk to us about, if so we’ll organise to meet down Bar Zoom, the new hottest place to be, both on Leeds’ Call Lane or in Manchester’s Northern Quarter!

Thank you for your support.

Stay home, stay safe and stay in touch