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An update from our CEO: What's next? Helping our graduates find work

An update from our CEO: What's next? Helping our graduates find workPreview: An update from our CEO: What's next? Helping our graduates find work

This is a message from Chris Hill, CEO of Northcoders. He explores what's next for Northcoders, and how we're helping our graduates find work.

Curious as to how you can fast-track your juniors into mid-level developers by leveraging your Apprenticeship Levy? We know it can be confusing, so we're running a free webinar at 11am on July 2nd 2020.

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The final planned graduation of Northcoders’ Developer Pathway is tomorrow, Friday 26th June. As always their final projects are incredible! They have completed most (if not all) of the coding bootcamp remotely. And they did their final team projects, in a lot of cases, having never met each other in person!

So what's next? Nothing, yet, we have unfinished business to attend to with our community. We've got an incredible group of people which we are still working with to launch their careers as software developers. They are our priority for the next few weeks.

We know junior developer jobs are out there for our graduates, but we (and they) have accepted that it is much harder than it was a few months ago. But we've been preparing ourselves and our graduates for the challenge. So, what have we been doing?

Leverage the Levy with DevAccelerator

DevAccelerator makes it easier for companies to hire Northcoders graduates – and to accelerate them into mid-level positions in twelve-months time.

Graduates receive extra training from Northcoders, which is custom-built to an organisations' specifications, coding languages and development frameworks. Best of all DevAccelerator is funded (or 95% funded) by the apprenticeship levy. There are a few ways and a few variables to consider. Our team can help your business find funding. We’ll just ask a few questions so that we can confirm the best way to do this.

You don't need to pay the levy, to leverage the levy.

We teach exceptional people to learn – Northcoders graduates have always been fast at getting up to speed with new programming languages or application frameworks. In fact, only around a third work with the first language they learnt (JavaScript) and 96% of Northcoders graduates succeed in landing a role as a software engineer. DevAccelerator makes it even faster.

Our Partnerships Team are having conversations with companies about how we can tailor DevAccelerator to their needs. Our teaching team are developing materials, learning something new themselves – and very much enjoying it! We're developing language conversion materials to cover almost every popular coding language, and we can tailor them to any framework too.

Find out more about DevAccelerator here. 

National opportunities & remote roles for our graduates

Companies are ditching the office, realising some people like to work from home, or certainly like the option. Now more than ever, software developers can work from anywhere and for a company based in any location.

With many graduates open to positions nationally, some members of our team are tasked with extending our reach to new areas of the country to help our graduates find work... Even in "The South"! (It doesn't have the same ring to it!)

Northcoders graduates are motivated and active. Every week, they are continuing to upskill, keeping coding and challenging themselves.

If you are interested in helping any of our incredibly talented graduates complete their journey into software development, I would love to hear from you! If DevAccelerator would help, Michaela, Amy, Josh and Amul are hosting a short briefing on the programme and how we can help any business get funding to run it. The Webinar is Thursday July 2nd at 11am.

Find out more about DevAccelerator on our webinar here.