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How Much Does a Coding Bootcamp Cost?

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Coding bootcamps have become a popular and effective way to transition into a tech career, offering intensive, practical training over a relatively short period. However, one of the key considerations for prospective students is the cost. At Northcoders, we offer a range of pricing options and funding opportunities to make our bootcamps accessible to as many people as possible. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.

Skills Bootcamps with the Department for Education

For those living in England, Northcoders offers Skills Bootcamps in partnership with the Department for Education. These bootcamps provide an excellent opportunity to receive high-quality coding education at no cost to the student. This initiative is designed to help address the skills gap in the tech industry and provide individuals with the training needed to secure a job in this fast-growing sector. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria here

Self-Funded Spaces

If you’re not eligible for the Skills Bootcamps or prefer to self-fund your education, Northcoders offers two pricing tiers for our full-time bootcamps:

1. Northcoders Core: Priced from £6,450, this option provides 13 weeks of intensive learning, including 480 contact hours, one-on-one mentor support, pair programming, test-driven development, and the opportunity to work on real-world projects for your portfolio.

2. Northcoders Career Plus: From £7,950, this option has all the features of Northcoders Core, plus additional career support to help you secure your first job in tech. This can include extra workshops, personalised career coaching, and interview preparation. You can find out more about the career support available here

Part-Time Bootcamp

For those who need more flexibility, Northcoders also offers a part-time bootcamp priced at £7,950. This program is ideal for individuals who need to balance learning with other commitments such as work or family. The part-time bootcamp provides the same comprehensive curriculum and support as the full-time options, spread over a longer period to accommodate a more flexible schedule.

What’s Included in All Full-Time Northcoders Bootcamps?

Regardless of the funding option or pricing tier, all full-time Northcoders bootcamps include:

  • 13 Weeks of Learning: Intensive training designed to turn you into a proficient developer in just three months.
  • 480 Contact Hours: Plenty of interaction with instructors and peers to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.
  • 1-1 Mentor Support: Personalised guidance to help you navigate the course and overcome any challenges.
  • Industry-Leading Curriculum: A comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum designed to meet the demands of today’s tech industry.
  • Pair Programming: Collaborative learning with peers to enhance your coding skills and teamwork abilities. Want to know more about pair programming? Discover the benefits here
  • Test-Driven Development: Learning best practices in coding, including writing tests to ensure your code works as intended. You can learn more about the benefits of test-driven development in our blog
  • Real-World Projects: Hands-on experience working on projects that you can add to your portfolio. Check out some of our recent cohorts’ projects here

Why Choose Northcoders?

Northcoders isn’t just about learning to code; it’s about launching a career in tech. With support for JavaScript, Java, Python, and more, our bootcamps cover a wide range of programming languages and technologies. Our focus on pair programming and test-driven development ensures that you learn industry best practices from the start. Plus, our partnership with over 450 hiring partners means that we are committed to helping you find a job after graduation.

In summary, the cost of a coding bootcamp at Northcoders varies depending on your funding situation and the course you choose. Whether you’re eligible for a free Skills Bootcamp or you’re self-funding your education, Northcoders provides multiple pathways to help you achieve your goals and start a successful career in tech.

If you’re ready to take the next step or want more information, browse our courses today.