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How Northcoders Can Help You Hire, Train and Retain Your Tech Team

How Northcoders Can Help You Hire, Train and Retain Your Tech TeamPreview: How Northcoders Can Help You Hire, Train and Retain Your Tech Team

We've shaken up the way we work with companies to help you solve the challenges of growing your tech team. Your three biggest challenges? Hire. Train. Retain.

Here’s how you can overcome these challenges with us.


Let’s get the predictable stuff out the way first: hiring the right people for your tech team is hard. They need to be skilled, self-sufficient and adaptable.

We’ve helped more than 600 developers now, and had many bold and adventurous projects built on our campuses.

With graduations every three weeks in Manchester and Leeds, you can get the people you need, when you need them.

Hiring a Northcoders graduate now won't cost you a penny. Now you can focus on your other two main challenges: how can we train and retain our new developers?


Technology is always evolving, and keeping up with industry developments can be challenging.

We’ve developed a number of solutions that can help you train – and retain – your team.

These courses are challenging, and designed to help Northcoders graduates grow from junior developers into the mid-level tier.

DevLabs courses are designed with best practices in mind, and in collaboration with developers from across the industry. Delivered as five two-day sprints over five months with a mixture of self study and workshop time on campus.



Fast-track your teams to becoming confident mid-level developers with our DevAccelerator, paid for with the Apprenticeship Levy.

We’ve taken the best bits of the Apprenticeship framework and combined it with our DevLabs courses to create a better way for you to use the Apprenticeship Levy pot.

All of our DevAccelerator candidates have already completed the full Northcoders DevPathway coding bootcamp, so they’re self-sufficient software developers from their first day with you.



If you don’t have the capacity to house your juniors on-site, whether that’s due to limited on-site mentoring support, issues with space, or problems attracting developers to your area, we have a tried and tested solution.

Using the DevIncubator, we can house and lead a team of recent Northcoders graduates at our Manchester campus to work on your software. We’ll provide them with a senior Northcoders mentor and developer to lead the team and they will benefit from all of the support and experience of the wider campus team.


Ready to elevate your tech team with Northcoders? Get in touch with us.