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Leverage the Apprenticeship Levy - Elevate your tech team with UpSkill

Leverage the Apprenticeship Levy - Elevate your tech team with UpSkillPreview: Leverage the Apprenticeship Levy - Elevate your tech team with UpSkill

UpSkill is a game-changing new training programme to provide your teams of junior developers with the support they need to become confident mid-level developers. We’ve combined our expertise in delivering training programmes with a Level 4 Software Development Apprenticeship. 
You can fund UpSkill with the apprenticeship levy and/or government co-investment, providing unmatched value to both SMEs and larger organisations like yours.

What is UpSkill?

UpSkill is a 13-month training programme for junior software engineers. We work with you to offer a curriculum bespoke to your business to accelerate the training of your junior developers to mid-level and senior developers. Our bespoke programme is delivered through our industry-led professional development courses, breaking the content into a series of sessions focusing on specific areas of development. These are scheduled around your organisation’s requirements, meaning this training does not impact your team’s productivity.


How we’ve designed it to work for you

We’ve worked extensively with industry experts to deliver you a programme which will allow you to: 
> train engineers who are confident with your tech stack 
> free up your senior engineers’ time from training juniors 
> retain ambitious junior engineers who are looking for progression 
> offer cost-effective, time-effective training

How can we take part?

You can either: 
> Hire Northcoders who are due to graduate from our coding bootcamp
> Enrol your existing employees on UpSkill. If they can't code yet then we recommend our ReSkill programme instead.


We’ll work with you to coordinate the start dates of your team of engineers and choose a language track matched to your tech stack. 
Your junior engineers will: 
> follow structured training and support delivered in your tech stack 
> receive mentorship by expert Northcoders tutors with industry experience 
> achieve career progression without having to move companies 
> have their achievements recognised with industry-leading training and professional certifications.


UpSkill includes: 
> A choice of Engineering Masterclasses in CloudOps, DevOps, Mobile App Development or Applied Testing 
> Level 4 Qualification
> Industry-recognised certification

In addition, Northcoders will work with you to build a language track to either: 
> Help your engineers integrate into your organisation 
> Learn a new stack they can then train other members of your team in.