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So, you fancy a change of career?

So, you fancy a change of career?Preview: So, you fancy a change of career?

Northcoders student Jay wrote about why now is a better time than ever to switch careers. Find the original post on his LinkedIn.

“30% of 25–34 year olds regret their current career choice.”

London School of Business

Turns out a lot of us are tired of our jobs. Maybe you are too; been there a few while, fed up and often daydreaming about what you’d rather be doing.

Maybe you don’t even know what you want next. You might not even care, just as long as it’s something else. A new challenge perhaps.

In most people’s minds, the thought of changing careers is often an empowering one. It seems to elicit a sense of motivation – that feeling of “Let’s do this!” right up until doubt kicks in…

Am I too old? What about my finances? I can’t afford to go to a lower salary, let alone pay for any education or even take time out to study.

What about all of the time I’ve spent in my current career? Will that all be for nothing?

You know what, forget it. I’ll stay put.

A common internal dialogue. Doomed to repeat itself unless something is done.

Now truthfully, you’re never too old to make a life change. The challenge is that the older you get, the harder implementing change can become.

As you grow, so do the strains on your finances – Mortgages, kids, marriage, oh you want a dog too? Blah, blah. You know the drill.

Then not only do we come into contact with more external challenges whilst maturing, but internal too – You’re more tired than you used to be, there’s a pain in your lower back, for some reason you can’t turn your neck all the way to the left anymore, hangovers seem to last for weeks… Etc.

Bonus points if you tried turning your neck.

With this all in mind, really, if you are considering something like a career change, now is always better than later.

“But Jay, I can't afford to go down to a 20k a year wage” I hear you say.

Now firstly, if you don’t have kids, no mortgage, no debt, no dog, no real commitments, then there’s no reason you can’t manage temporary being paid a bit less.

In fact, stop reading this article, search a topic relevant to your desired career on google and start reading that instead.

No, seriously. Go now.

For those still here, maybe one or more of your commitments does genuinely prevent you from taking a lower salary.

Unfortunately, this likely gives you a handicap when trying to make the leap, but fear not. It’s not impossible.

Although of course, it will take sacrifice.

Whether that means spending less money, not going on holiday, not buying that new car, taking up a second job, having your partner help you, spending less time with your friends & family, no weekends out, seeing your kids less…

All pretty tough things to do, but possible.

"What about the time spent my current career? Will it all be a waste?" Don’t be ridiculous. There are always going to be lessons you’ve accumulated that will lend themselves to brand new ventures.

Whether they’re lessons in time management or not farting in lifts. They still hold value.

The most important thing to think about is the future. So ask yourself this:

What advice would you give yourself back in 2010? And what will your 2030 self say to you today?

“Wooooah man, that’s deep”

I know. But think about it.