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Thinking about a move from Software Development to Data Engineering?

Thinking about a move from Software Development to Data Engineering?Preview: Thinking about a move from Software Development to Data Engineering?

If you’re a Software Developer, you’ve most likely heard of the field of Data Engineering. But how different is that really from what you do? And is it something you should be looking into?

All Software Developers deal with data to some extent, but Data Engineers take it further. A Data Engineer specialises in data-intensive applications and their deployment on cloud infrastructure. The work they do gathering and preparing raw, scattered data is essential for said data to be usable for operations and analytics.

For a Software Developer, a transition into Data Engineering can be relatively straightforward.  Most Software Developers already know the three fundamentals: writing good code, a solid understanding of data, and an understanding of cloud infrastructure and deployment. 

Could Data Engineer be your next job title? Here are a few reasons why specialising into this role could be right for you:

1. A focus on data 

If you take the leap towards Data Engineering, you’ll get to dive fully into the mechanics of how things work. This will involve a more in-depth look into Python, data structures, and databases. You’ll also need to become familiar with tools for data storage, data processing, and orchestration. 

With so many various types of data and new tools for you to learn, there’s plenty to keep your brain sharp!

2. A growing sector

Data Engineering is a quickly-growing field. It made the cut for LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise 2022 list of the top 20 most in-demand jobs in the UK, and is still going strong on the 2023 list. 

This gives you extra security that your skills will be sought after, with a steady career progression in front of you. With this role being so in demand, you’ll also have more freedom to choose a company that’s right for you, or move around to explore different facets of the field.

3. …and a growing salary to match

As fits a specialised and in-demand role, the job of Data Engineer also comes with a higher average salary. A Junior Data Engineer can expect an annual average salary of £35k, while a Junior Software Developer’s is £28k. This is matched throughout one’s career progression, and Senior Data Engineers get to an average salary of £66k compared to a Senior Software Developers’s £55k.

While enjoying the work you do within the role is the most rewarding part, the pay rise is a nice bonus.

Overall, if you’re looking to shake up your career as a Software Developer, specialising in Data Engineering is a good option to consider. It will allow you to explore the ins-and-outs of data and stretch your logical-thinking muscles. With a salary increase and a growing sector, your new skills will be well-rewarded and allow you some extra comfort choosing your next role.

If you’re not sure how to take the leap, why not check out Northcoders’ Data Engineering bootcamp?