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Episode 4: Zuha & David

19th May 2018

These students are 3 weeks into The Developer Pathway... and would compare it to a water slide! Find out why in this week's episode!

Episode 3: Clare & Ant

12th May 2018

Clare worked for a charity, Ant taught English in South Korea! 3 months on, how are their plans for Project Phase going?

Episode 2: Mike & Henry

12th May 2018

These current students chat to Josh about how code brings ideas to life and sets you up for a fruitful career!

Episode 1: Romy & Sean

5th May 2018

How is the Developer Pathway helping these students consolidate their knowledge?

Highlights from Fridays With Adie - Season 2

Episode 1 - Luke, Will & Jade

8th December 2017

Season 2 is here, and these three Cohort 7 students compare their journies to Northcoders and their first few weeks!

Episode 4 - Amy & Aaron

12th January 2018

These current students are preparing for Project Phase - what have they got planned? Spoiler alert... something amazing!

Highlights from Fridays With Adie - Season 1

Episode 1 - Jonathan & Jenny

8th September 2017

These two new Cohort 6 students have been dreaming of code! How have they been settling in?

Episode 6 - Ollie & Andrea

13th October 2017

It's nearly project phase! What are these two students planning?

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