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Leverage the Levy.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we're postponing our DevAccelerator courses until the Government advice changes. We can still help you grow your tech team!

Apprentices That Deliver

Fast-track your juniors’ progression to confident mid-level developer with our 12-month supercharged DevLabs programme, paid for by the Apprenticeship Levy.

Software Development Apprenticeships currently on offer are inadequate. We’ve taken the best bits of the Apprenticeship framework and combined it with our relevant DevLabs courses to create a better way to use the Apprenticeship Levy pot.

A New Approach

We’ve hacked the apprenticeship framework to create something that fits with the fast-paced reality of the industry. DevAccelerator unleashes testing at scale, front-end architecture and cloud ops development tracks, with content engineered and updated constantly by industry experts.

Accelerate Careers

All of our DevAccelerator candidates have already completed the full 12-week Northcoders DevPathway, so they’re self-sufficient software developers from their first day with you. This extended programme will fast-track their journey to mid-level engineer.

Use Your Apprenticeship Levy

This programme can be fully paid for using your Apprenticeship Levy pot. No Levy? No problem. Non-levy paying employers share the cost with the government - this is called ‘co-investment’. As of 1st April 2019, you pay 5% and the government will pay the rest.

About the programme


You can either:
> Hire Northcoders who are due to graduate from our coding bootcamp, the Developer Pathway, or
> Enrol your existing employees (who can’t code yet) on the DevPathway and then the DevAccelerator

We’ll work with you to coordinate the start dates of your team of engineers and choose a language pack matched to your tech stack.

Onboarding (month 1)

The structure of this phase of the programme can be designed around the needs of your business. Typically, it might look like this:
> Week 1: Onboarding - Your team of engineers will integrate into your organisation and work through the language pack.
> Weeks 2 - 4: Project Phase - The team will put all their knowledge into practice on a project of your choosing.

Core DevAccelerator (months 2-12)

Your engineers will be working at your organisation and working through the course materials. Our programme is flexible depending on your business' needs. We can tailor it to your specific stack.
> Two Northcoders DevLabs Courses
> Level 4 Certificate in Software Development Methodologies
> Vendor Certification
> A portfolio

Throughout the DevAccelerator, each engineer will receive support from their Northcoders mentor, monthly in-person support meetings and a portfolio review.

End-Point Assessment (months 9-12)

In the final 3 months, your engineers will complete an End-Point Assessment:
> A week-long, work-related project
> An employer reference
> An interview with an End-Point Assessor


Your engineers will be rewarded with a certificate after their End-Point Assessment has been reviewed. You will be rewarded with a team of confident, self-sufficient software engineers with the right mindset to continue thriving.

"We hired a Northcoder... She helped us not only improve what we build but the way we do things"

Steve Elliott, Head of Engineering at SpareRoom

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