Kick-Start Your Coding Career In As Little As 12 Weeks

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The UK's Leading Coding School For Graduate Outcomes

The Developer Pathway is a compassionate, bespoke teaching model that ensures you graduate with the skills to find work. No matter what.

It's divided into six 2-week blocks. If you need more time to consolidate your skills, you'll have the opportunity to repeat any block immediately, with bespoke support, at no additional cost. You'll progress at your natural pace so that when you graduate, you'll fly.

What We Teach


First things first. We’ll give you a solid fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language, so you’ll be able to quickly pick up any new library or framework.

Back End 1

JavaScript is the only language that can be run both on the front and back end. Next, we show you how we can use Node.js to run code for the back end, and focus on ways of dealing with asynchronous programming.

Back End 2

Next, we'll look at APIs and databases. In this three week block we’ll cover Express, MongoDB and SQL. We’ll also work with some pretty cool third-party data sets and APIs, and help you deploy applications to the cloud!

Front End 1

It's front end next - you'll learn all about the DOM and how to make accessible websites with semantic HTML and CSS. We'll introduce you to UX and have our first look at React!

Front End 2

React and Redux are firmly established in the 'adopt' section of Thoughtworks' Tech Radar. It's the most in-demand front-end framework in the North. We'll teach you to use them in-depth, as well as their peripheral technologies.

Project Phase

There's no better way to consolidate and extend your knowledge, and prove what you can do, than to get hands on with a real, green-field team project. Curious as to what our previous graduates have created? Click here!

Extensive Career Support

Throughout the course and post-graduation, our in-house Career Development Experts have your back.

We'll arrange interviews for you with employers in our large Hiring Partner Network - and far more besides.

Find out about our extensive Career Support Services here.