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Episode 4 - Amy & Aaron

12th January 2018

These current students are preparing for Project Phase - what have they got planned? Spoiler alert... something amazing!

Episode 3 - Mitch & Josh

5th January 2018

Got deja vu? Mitch & Josh were on Fridays With Adie 4 months ago as students! Now they're on Team Northcoders - how have things changed?

Episode 2 - Sally & Tom

15th December 2017

Sally was a stay-at-home Mum, Tom worked at a Photo Agency! Adie finds out: what were their journeys to Northcoders?

Episode 1 - Luke, Will & Jade

8th December 2017

Season 2 is here, and these three Cohort 7 students compare their journies to Northcoders and their first few weeks!

<Season 1 />

Episode 7 - Ruth and Laura

20th October 2017

Two graduates from the February 2017 cohort join Adie to chat about how they've got involved with the friendly Northern tech community

Episode 6 - Ollie & Andrea

13th October 2017

It's nearly project phase! What are these two students planning?

Episode 5 - Kavita & Steven

6th October 2017

Adie reminisces on his time on Bootcamp with his former coursemates, now both working at Northcoders!

Episode 4 - Harriet & Amul

29th September 2017

How has Northcoders grown - and what's the community like? Northcoders' Head of Community and Talent Director share the inside view!

Episode 3 - Chris & Rosie

22nd September 2017

This week, Adie discusses the challenges of coding and what pair programming is like

Episode 2 - Josh & Mitch

15th September 2017

How have the first few weeks been for these new students? Adie talks learning pace and community

Episode 1 - Jonathan & Jenny

8th September 2017

These two new Cohort 6 students have been dreaming of code! How have they been settling in?

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