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We're the coding bootcamp provider for the North, based in Manchester, with a uniquely Northern culture.

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Northcoders' curriculum is focused on three of the most in-demand programming languages in today's software development job market. Everything we do is focused around getting you into a great tech company. We do that by giving you the right skills - fast.

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Amanda quit her job at a local supermarket just before starting at Northcoders. She had no prior coding experience. She graduated in July 2016 and started as a Junior Developer with a Fin-Tech Company in Manchester in September 2016.


At the age of 19, Jonnie is already a full time software engineer. He was snapped up within days of graduating. Jonnie now codes in C#, even though we taught him to code in JavaScript.


After graduating from Northcoders in July 2016, Emily spent time perfecting her skills under the careful supervision of the Northcoders tutors. She was hired as a Front End Developer in October 2016 at one of Manchester’s leading digital agencies.

The Lovely Lads!

Just two weeks after graduating, Hibo, Paul, Jack & Stephen won the Co-op Digital challenge at HackManchester - the largest 24 hour coding competition in the North. None of the team members had any experience with software just 4 months earlier.

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