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Apprentices that deliver. Made in the North.

Apprentices That Deliver

We'll Train Them First

Unlike most apprentices, ours will be trained before they join your team. Once they do, they'll be able to write production code straight away.

The Same Standard As Graduates

Apprentices complete exactly the same course as our graduates - in fact, they'll train amongst them. Hire apprentices at the same exceptional standard.

Save Your Seniors' Time

For the first 3 weeks, we'll provide them with work to do - our precourse materials. Once they graduate, they'll hit the ground running, just like any Northcoders graduate.

How It Works

Hiring Your Apprentice

We'll do the heavy lifting to ensure every candidate you meet has the technical aptitude and commitment required.

Training Your Apprentice

Our programme is flexible depending on your business' needs. Our suggested model is explained above: they will join your team when they're truly ready.

Working With You

They'll continue to work towards their Level 4 C&G Software Development qualification with you before completing their End Point Assessment with us.

Want To Learn About Hiring Northcoders Graduates?

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"We hired a Northcoder... She helped us not only improve what we build but the way we do things"

Steve Elliott, Head of Engineering at SpareRoom

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