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Why Northcoders? Run by developers for developers to be real developers. We knew we wanted to start with a modern approach as we built our new internal development team. We knew we were honing in on NodeJS as a key runtime. So we decided to build our team of mixed levels of experience. We determined that experienced developers could then mentor and support less experienced but ambitious team members. We found Northcoders while looking for the more “junior” developers. What we found at Northcoders was considerably more than normal “junior” developers. We found talent. Real honed talent. Northcoders surpassed our expectations. Their syllabus and high standards show in the quality of the graduates. The graduates are not clones of each other, no boilerplate cookie cutter code.

The graduates we have hired are individuals with their own approach and a unique quality to each at an incredible high standard. We know, we pose a tough technical test and no candidate has failed it. They have all exceeded what we asked for. The quality is professional grade. Aptitude, ambition, ability and a stellar foundation that shows the precision that Northcoders go to. Why Northcoders? Why NOT Northcoders?

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