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<Stuart Brown />

Director, Magnetic North

Globally it is estimated that there is between 15 and 20% female software developers. However in the UK that is around 4%. For a sector that is having such an influence on life as we know it today, that is just not good enough.

mN is a digital design studio in Manchester that specialises in User Experience Design. For us to have meaningful audience insight and have design eyes on our experiences, then it is vital that we address that balance. It is not just good for our clients through the work we produce, but good for our business also.

We were delighted to find that through the Northcoders we could access talented and ambitious young female developers. We recruited Emily and Emily told us that whilst she always had an interest in Computing, she was unsure as to where that could take her. The Northcoders boot camp was a huge challenge for Emily, but one that she relished and succeeded in, despite not having an academic background. This experience has opened Emily’s eyes to what is available and now working as a team member on some high profile digital projects, her confidence and ambition is also increased.

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