January 2022 Cohort Project Showcase

January 2022 Cohort Project Showcase


An image-based app that allows people to share the best of nature around them with other users based on their location.


A new social media platform for meeting local bike enthusiasts to plan routes and share trips with.

Go Out!

Go Out! is a mobile app that gives its users the platform to find, attend, and organise a range of interesting activities within the local area. All activities are organised by fellow users, giving them the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, hopefully increasing the sense of community within its local user base.


Zenify is a cross platform mobile app to aid mindfulness and concentration. Users have access to guided meditations, ambient sounds and a timer which can structure and record focus and break sessions.


An app that helps friends keep each other safe on a night out.

Northcoders Portfolio

Northcoders Portfolio is an app that allows graduates to showcase their work in one centralised space. This allows increased visibility of graduates' projects to employers and recruiters.

Part Time Pet

Borrow a bear, lend a llama and find a friend. A pet sharing app for mobile devices.


An app to find like-minded people to play sports with.


HuntAR allows parents, friends, and anyone else to create short AR scavenger hunts directly from their mobile browser.

Take a Paws

During lockdown 3.2 million pets were bought in the UK. With people returning to work , we wanted to create an app that address the increased need for pet-sitting.


A gamified education app for children, encouraging engagement with the natural world through animal photography and image recognition.


Vested aims to help first-time investors with an interest in ethical investing explore their options. It’s a cross between an investment simulator and an educational app.


To help connect individual adults who are experiencing loneliness, especially the elderly. It allows volunteers to find those most in need of social interaction in their local area and arrange a visit for them.


Over 50% of people are dog lovers. This app is designed to help busy dog owners connect with people who wish to walk dogs but may not have their own.