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During lockdown 3.2 million pets were bought in the UK. With people returning to work, we wanted to create an app that address the increased need for pet-sitting.

We wanted our app to be a useful tool for pet owners to find the right pet-sitter for them, and for pet sitters to showcase their skills. With this in mind, we set out to create an intuitive and easy-to-use app with a friendly design, which also displayed lots of information. Peace of mind for our users guided our design throughout. We wanted pet owners to be able to log in securely using Firebase authentication, quickly locate nearby pet-sitters, make a choice based on reviews left for them, and then be able to contact them instantly using an instant-messaging service.

Take a Paws Demo

Take a Paws Demo

Team Take a Paws

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Alex Crowney

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Dean Sargeant

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Ronan Dodds

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Umar Amin

Tech Stack

We used a React js framework, a JavaScript library for creating and building high quality user interfaces using components that manage their own state.
For the back-end we used firebase which offers a suite of products that we were able to select from. We were able to create a fast and user-friendly sign-in process using Firebase authentication with the choice of email and password or a google account. Firestore allows us to store data in the cloud, sync and retrieve data with expressive queries without having to worry about managing servers.

We chose React-Bootstrap for our front-end tools. It rebuilt the most popular front-end framework into react components with accessibility in mind. This gave us more control over each component and removed the friction of building a mobile-first web app.
Leaflet maps offered a fast, lightweight solution to our mapping needs.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack