Team Lonely Bikers present UpShift!

A new social media platform for meeting local bike enthusiasts to plan routes and share trips with.

Finding like-minded people to ride motorbikes with can be difficult. We built a new platform to help you connect with other bikers on a local level. The app uses your location as well as other user data to match you with similar riders.

Inspired by our very own lonely biker!

UpShift Demo

UpShift Demo

Team Lonely Bikers

Chris HopkinsPreview: Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins

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Harrison Royds

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Eloise Chilvers

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Julian Cavanagh

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Joseph Carroll

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Sarah Benoun

Tech Stack

We wanted to build on what we had learned on the course, so React-Native was an obvious next step.
Expo was used as we were able to all quickly get to grips with how native development differs, without having to install additional tools and prolong the set up time.
Firebase was selected as it met various needs including authentication storage and a realtime cloud database.
Socket IO was used for real time chat paired with express for hosting its database.
We used front end libraries such as React Native Elements to provide pre styled components.
Github was used throughout for version control.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack