Team Buzzfeed Investors present Vested!

Vested aims to help first-time investors with an interest in ethical investing explore their options. It’s a cross between an investment simulator and an educational app.

Many people perceive there’s a barrier to investing, since it can seem confusing and overly complicated. To encourage a wider audience to participate, our app enables those with limited experience, or a particular interest in ethical issues, to find out more about companies we think they’ll be interested in. Ethical investing aims to have a positive impact on the world as well as building wealth for the individual. Recent studies also indicate that ethical investments often outperform traditional funds, making the concept even more appealing.

Our recommendations are based on ESG measures, which stand for ‘environmental, social and ethical governance’. A user begins by telling us which issues they care about most. Using this information, we then reference our internal database to generate a portfolio with companies that score highly in these areas, and have stocks that have historically performed well. We’re able to make these personalised recommendations using some algorithmic thinking. Users can research companies further, see a curated news feed featuring stories about companies within their portfolios, create portfolios with interests weighted in different areas, track how their stocks perform, and see other user’s portfolios.

Vested Demo

Vested Demo

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