Team Head Management present Zenify!

Zenify is a cross platform mobile app to aid mindfulness and concentration. Users have access to guided meditations, ambient sounds and a timer which can structure and record focus and break sessions.

Zenify was created for people who want an aid to concentrate, manage their time and improve their wellbeing. The front end and the majority of the application is built in react native, using expo. The app uses stack and tab navigation. For the back-end all of the user data is being stored in a Firebase Realtime non-relational database. Authentication is also handled through Firebase. The meditation section is using the Expo AV package that provides media functionality asynchronously. The focus screen uses a countdown timer package. The stats screen presents the users data fetched from our database. The idea came from wanting to provide people with mindfulness and focus tools for free with a minimal and elegant interface.

Zenify Demo

Zenify Demo

Team Head Management

Raymund Noel GyurisPreview: Raymund Noel Gyuris

Raymund Noel Gyuris

Hossein HeydariPreview: Hossein Heydari

Hossein Heydari

Jonathan Daniel DoneganPreview: Jonathan Daniel Donegan

Jonathan Daniel Donegan

Hammam AlzilitniPreview: Hammam Alzilitni

Hammam Alzilitni

Daniel HendonPreview: Daniel Hendon

Daniel Hendon

Lucca ZutinPreview: Lucca Zutin

Lucca Zutin

Tech Stack

React Native was used because it could extend the teams existing capabilities in React. The Expo platform provided a fast way to create a native cross-platform application. Firebase was chosen for security and convenience.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack