Team Potential Enigma present Chip In

Chip In is an app that brings communities closer together by connecting people through volunteering.

The app was created using React Native for the front end and Cloud Firestore on the backend, with the stated aim of connecting neighbours through acts of kindness and volunteering.

Once signed up, users can post work that they need help with, such as garden maintenance, tip runs or transportation, as well as being able volunteer to help other users with their errands.

Chip In

Chip In

Team Potential Enigma

Jan AshPreview: Jan Ash

Jan Ash

Hayley BrinicombePreview: Hayley Brinicombe

Hayley Brinicombe

Dave GreensmithPreview: Dave Greensmith

Dave Greensmith

Mitchell WyattPreview: Mitchell Wyatt

Mitchell Wyatt

Tech Stack

We Used React Native, Cloud Firestore, Axios.

We used React Native for the frontend because it is similar to React, which we already had experience with, but is also different enough to provide us with a challenge when trying to implement in a new project. We also had previous experience with Axios, knew its capabilities and were comfortable using it for API calls.

We chose Firestore as a new technology for the backend because we wanted to get to grips with the concept of NoSQL, and to have access to a database which updates in real time.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack