Team Venomous Dolphins present Dolphin Travels

Plan a solo trip or create a group holiday with friends and family.

Dolphin Travels is an application for anyone planning a trip away. Previously, members of our team found that they had to use several applications (notes, spreadsheets etc.) to plan a trip. In our app, we wanted to create a platform where all of this could be achieved in the same place. The app allows you to create a trip, add others to the trip and collaborate to plan a full itinerary. For each day, the user can add a range of activities by searching for the activity or using the suggested activities functionality. The activities show in both a map and list view with the user's accommodation as the central point so that the user can easily visualise what they have planned.

Dolphin Travels

Dolphin Travels

Team Venomous Dolphins

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Jessalyn Kemp

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Will Clegg

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Mohamed Elrofai

Tech Stack

We used Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Vue.js, Vue Leaflet, Axios, CSS, Heroku, Netlify, Netlify Functions.

Express - good for building a REST API to hold our data.

Node.js works well with Express and MongoDB.

MongoDB and Vue helped us to learn new technologies.

MongoDB was more appropriate for our data structure which was quite nested and also supports the JSON format well.

Vue Leaflet allowed us to implement map functionality into our Vue application.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack