Team Pufferfish Productions present Pea Pod

An app that lets people with similar interests connect to enjoy those interests together.

We all have some sport or hobby that we love to indulge ourselves in, or maybe something new that peaked our interest that we'd like to try.

The idea of our app is to allow people with similar hobbies and interests to connect so that they could enjoy doing those hobbies together with new friends in the form of a platonic friendship.

The app works by allowing users to match and connect with others by liking parts of their profile page, furthermore the liked user can see that interest on their likes page and choose whether to accept the incoming like as a match or ignore them.

If a match occurs the users can message each other and potentially organise a meeting to do an activity or hobby that they are both interested in.

I like to play some online games and enjoy a few sports in my spare time, I got the idea for the app as I thought it would be great to meet people locally to play sports such as Tennis or online games together. In Covid times, an app like this would be great to connect people in a time where they seeked companionship, and that's largely where I drew the idea from.



Team Pufferfish Productions

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Tech Stack

We Used Expo, React-native, Python, Flask, MongoDB, socket-io, Formik, Express, and Node.JS.

Python and Flask were used largely out of a desire to learn to use Python. MongoDB was selected as we already have experience using SQL, so a No SQL database made sense and Mongo was one of the more popular ones we knew of. React Native was chosen as we wanted to make a mobile app but elected to stay in the React ecosystem as we had already selected quite a few new techs to work with, and was simply the best way we knew to implement websockets.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack