Team PocketFriends present PocketForest

Team PocketFriends present PocketForestPreview: Team PocketFriends present PocketForest

Our aim is to bring people closer to nature by learning relevant information about trees.

The main goal of our app is to help everyone regardless of their age to connect with nature and learn more about the natural world.

Once the user has logged in to the app, they'll see their current location. When they want to add a tree around their area, they can take a photo of the tree. The photo is sent to an AI which identifies the type of the tree. At this point, the image is uploaded to Cloudinary and our database is updated to add the newly generated image URL and the username of the logged-in user.

This way each individual user has their own unique pocket forest that displays their own images. When the user navigates to their Forest page, they will see the full display of the trees that they have collected on their adventures, pulled through from the database using Axios. Once inside your own pocket forest, you can press on each tree to view more information about it.

The idea of the app came after a discussion within our team about home gardens and the love that previous generations had around fruit trees.



Team PocketFriends

Sofia BezertziPreview: Sofia Bezertzi

Sofia Bezertzi

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Jeeann Kim

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Bela Bertalan

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Mark Lazarus

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Laurence Morris-Moody

Tech Stack

For Backend we used:
Heroku, API

For Frontend we used:
React JS,
React Native,

We used MongoDB and Mongoose, because we already knew SQL and we wanted to challenge ourselves.

Additionally, we used React Native as we were familiar with React and we wanted to make a mobile application.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack