Team PAST present Zen Typing

An interactive typing tool to help you enter a focused, productive state while using your keyboard.

The app is to develop fast, smooth, consistent and accurate typing over long periods. It's for anybody that types a lot for school or work but finds themselves making mistakes, getting distracted or being too slow. You type the presented paragraph while your laptop camera records your emotion or if you're distracted, you get real-time feedback on you performance that gets stored in your history that you can view later or compare to other users. We wanted to do something ambitious using photo/video/AR, and we ended up combining it into a teaching tool.

Zen Typing

Zen Typing


Tom ReecePreview: Tom Reece

Tom Reece

Alistair HopsonPreview: Alistair Hopson

Alistair Hopson

Paulos GhirmaiPreview: Paulos Ghirmai

Paulos Ghirmai

Scott KellyPreview: Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly

Tech Stack

We used Firebase Authentication, Firestore, React, MUI, Face-api.js, React Google Charts.

We chose react because it is component based which helped us to avoid merge conflicts in Github.

We used face-api.js as an accessible introduction to Tensor Flow.

We used Google Charts for an extra level of user experience.

We initially chose Firebase for the Authentication, after we learned more about Firebase, we also decided to use Firestore as our database.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack