Team Modern Abacus present Birds I View

An app to allow users to find bird sightings and submit their own.

Birds I View lets you pull from a wide range of national bird sightings and see the ones that are near you or filter by specific species and region. This data can then be visualised as a heat map or a summary of sightings.

The app uses React Native and Firebase, and is written in typescript. It uses google maps and the Ebird API.

We felt that there was no good way to visualise data about British birds currently and wanted to try and make something to fill this gap.

Birds I View Demo Video

Birds I View Demo Video

Team Modern Abacus

Matthew ConollyPreview: Matthew Conolly

Matthew Conolly

Owen ManbyPreview: Owen Manby

Owen Manby

Bin QiuPreview: Bin Qiu

Bin Qiu

Aaron KnowldenPreview: Aaron Knowlden

Aaron Knowlden

Tech Stack

React Native, TypeScript, Firebase, Google Maps API, Media Wiki API, Ebird API

React Native - We wanted to make a cross platform application for mobile devices and this seems like the best choice.

Typescript - We wanted to challenge ourselves with a new language and because we used large amounts off data, type consistency was highly important.

Firebase - User authentication and storage of data was a key component of our application and Firebase seemed like a great solution for this.

Googles maps API - We wanted to display our data in a heatmap which would be dynamic and also accessible.

Media Wiki API - Due to the large list of potential birds we wanted an API that could pull information for users to view in a relatively straightforward format alongside photos.

Ebird API - This is where the bulk of the data came from and has a multitude of different endpoints which allowed us to get data in lots of formats depending on how we wanted to use it across the app.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack