Team 418 present Fuely

A petrol price comparison app.

Fuely is a website for all road users, aiming to save people money by displaying all petrol stations and their price of fuel in the local area. It works by taking a user's location if allowed, or an inputted address, contacting google maps API and displaying the 40 nearest fuel stations, and their price of petrol. Those who are registered can update the costs, to keep the information as current as possible.

The ever-rising cost of fuel gave us the inspiration for this app.

Fuely Demo Video

Fuely Demo Video

Team 418

George BaldockPreview: George Baldock

George Baldock

Patrik OlssonPreview: Patrik Olsson

Patrik Olsson

Andy BathPreview: Andy Bath

Andy Bath

Abdualrhman AlhaririPreview: Abdualrhman Alhariri

Abdualrhman Alhariri

Tech Stack

FE: React, Firebase, React bootstrap, vanilla CSS.

BE: Python FAST API, Mongo DB, Pytest

To both reinforce what we learnt in the course, alongside expanding our knowledge of technology, used to build full stack web applications. We wanted to use technologies which are currently very popular in the coding community, with plenty of resources out there to aid us with any blockers along the way.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack