Team 09:fifteen present Our House

Make sharing household chores fun again!

Getting things done around the house when sharing with others can be daunting. We decided to build Our House to make this fun and exciting. Users can assign chores to others, earn points and badges for completing chores and chat with other housemates. The idea comes from a lot of personal experience, especially during university.

We hope you enjoy our app!

Our House Demo Video

Our House Demo Video

Team 09:fifteen

Enamul AliPreview: Enamul Ali

Enamul Ali

Musa Imad IssaPreview: Musa Imad Issa

Musa Imad Issa

Karly HollowayPreview: Karly Holloway

Karly Holloway

Kieran JoycePreview: Kieran Joyce

Kieran Joyce

Gugandeep BinningPreview: Gugandeep Binning

Gugandeep Binning

Tech Stack

React Native, Firebase Auth, Cloud Firestore

We chose React Native to build a cross-platform Android and iOS app. We chose Cloud Firestore to work with a NoSQL database having familiarised ourselves with the relational database during the bootcamp.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack