Team Ctrl Alt Elite present Waste Not Want Not

Reduce food waste by tracking food items and recommending recipes based off of those items

Food wastage is a massive issue, affecting both the environment and the cost of living. Waste Not Want Not aims to help reduce a person's food wastage by allowing them to track the expiry date of the food they have in stock as well as the quantity. Once this information has been added, the app will then recommend recipes that use the food items closest to their expiry date to prevent them from being wasted.

After choosing a recipe, the food items you have that are used in the recipe will have their quantity reduced by the correct amount, this amount will go towards your "food saving level" which helps visualise how much food you are saving. You can also add items to a shopping list and favourite recipes you liked.

Wordsmith Demo Video

Wordsmith Demo Video

Team Ctrl Alt Elite

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Tech Stack

We used React Native, Firebase, Node, Expo, Axios, Github and NativeBase

We choose Firebase for our Back-end so we could make use of both Firestore and cloud authentication. Firestore allowed us to easily store and separate individual user data which we could view in real-time and cloud authentication allowed for easy account creation and management with password storage.

For our Front-end we decided to use React-Native as we knew our app would work best as a mobile app and using React-Native meant we could easily develop for both android and apple devices As our app relied upon getting requests from an API, we used Axios to send and receive the required data and we used GitHub for throughout for version control.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack