Team Alignment present Wordsmith

Foreign language learning flashcard app with built-in dictionary lookup

Wordsmith is aimed at people looking to learn a foreign language, primarily those starting from beginner level. The app uses a bilingual dictionary lookup function to allow users to add new words to flashcard decks of their choosing, rather than the user having to look up translations themselves.

Users can revise decks and then test themselves to measure their progress.

All of our group have had experience learning foreign languages and have used different techniques to learn new vocabulary. Having the translation provided for you makes the language learning process much more efficient.

Wordsmith Demo Video

Wordsmith Demo Video

Team Alignment

Matt JohnsonPreview: Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Kristina PetrovaPreview: Kristina Petrova

Kristina Petrova

Matt GrindrodPreview: Matt Grindrod

Matt Grindrod

Neil BuckleyPreview: Neil Buckley

Neil Buckley

Tech Stack

React Native, Firebase, Expo, Android Studio

Android Studio - helped with testing to view on a computer screen.

React Native - our aim was to design a phone app.

Firebase - Enabled user authentication, aligned well with goals. Also works well with Expo.

Expo - Enabled easy testing

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack