November 2021 Cohort Project Showcase

November 2021 Cohort Project Showcase

Inclusive Manchester

To promote inclusivity. Providing venue/location information for users with disabilities in a Tripadvisor-like fashion.


A Svelte web-app which makes it easy to trade your second-hand items of clothing by matching up with people in your area.

Untitled Notes

Untitled Notes is a real-time markdown note-taking app with collaboration features.
Easily store and access notes on any device via a web browser.


A web app to find places around the world with similar climates.


Herd is a gig finder app for musicians and fans alike, find local gigs, venues, fans, and let people know when your gig is!


It is application for the management of orchestras,music groups with the option to book venues, rehearsal spaces and create events.


We’ve all used IMDb to check out our favourite films, but what if we wanted a place where film geeks can find each other and test their film knowledge? Film Geek app.


Pivot questions are diagnostic questions during a lesson that allow teachers to identify misconceptions. Pivot allows a teacher to attach response data to Google slides so that students can vote and receive feedback.


Grafter is an app built for tradespeople. It is there to help them plan their jobs.


A cashless swapping app allowing users to register, to list and browse items and to message one another to arrange and complete swaps.


Readcycle is a mobile app that encourages sustainability by enabling individuals to give away and receive books. Within a couple of minutes, users can upload their entire bookshelf using the in-built barcode scanner, and connect with other users giving away or looking for books in their area.


GoalGetter is a platform that allow users to set, track, and share their goals, with an emphasis on social integration to create a positive environment for self-improvement.