Team Cloud-9 present Film-Geek-App!

We’ve all used IMDb to check out our favourite films, but what if we wanted a place where film geeks can find each other and test their film knowledge? Film Geek app.

This is a place for film enthusiasts who are looking for like-minded individuals and somewhere to level-up their film knowledge through quizzes. Once users have registered to be a part of the esteemed Film Geek community, they will then be provided access to the application, where they can browse their favourite films, discuss them, and test their knowledge. This idea came about from our desire to immerse ourselves in completely new technologies such as React Native and Firebase. We struggled to find a mobile application designed to bring together a community of film lovers, rather than just an information hub.

FFilm-Geek-App Demo

FFilm-Geek-App Demo

Team Cloud-9

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Tech Stack

We used React Native, Firebase and Redux

We wanted to challenge ourselves with technologies and develop our first mobile application.

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