Team Pending present Grafter!

Grafter is an app built for tradespeople. It is there to help them plan their jobs

One of our team is an ex-teacher, who wanted students to be able to interact with presentations during teaching. Although polling add-ons are available, these often change what is visible on the screen to users. Pivot allows you to view what is on the original presentation, as a static image through our teacher frontend. A teacher may identify a slide as a question slide, specify how many responses are allowed, and which response is correct. There is no need to enter the actual question information, as this is present on the original slide and will be visible to students in the classroom. Students can join via a url or QR code, and are then taken to our student web interface. Results from polling will be visible to the teacher on the board after polling has finished.

Team Pending - Grafter Demo Team Pending

Team Pending - Grafter Demo Team Pending

Team Pending

Jimmy HocklessPreview: Jimmy Hockless

Jimmy Hockless

James BarnesPreview: James Barnes

James Barnes

Neal OvertonPreview: Neal Overton

Neal Overton

Jordan RichmondPreview: Jordan Richmond

Jordan Richmond

John BarrettPreview: John Barrett

John Barrett

Tech Stack

Our tech stack includes React, Firebase and ESlint

We initially decided to use Flutter, but as it is constantly changing and strictly typed, we opted to switch to react.js and rebuild our project as it is easier to use and therefore we thought we could accomplish a lot more with the given timeframe.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack