Team Caffeine Overflow present Orchestrate!

An application for the management of orchestras,music groups with the option to book venues, rehearsal spaces and create events.

The application is targeted toward classical musicians, music groups organisers and venues/rehearsal spaces owners. The application will allow these groups to communicate and interact with each other in a way they are not currently able. The idea for the application came from team members having experienced difficulties trying to arrange rehearsals in their own music group.

Hannah Stanley - OrchestrateFinalDemo

Hannah Stanley - OrchestrateFinalDemo

Team Caffeine Overflow

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Craig Veevers

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Hannah Stanley

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Chris Whitney

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Teclaire Bahel

Tech Stack

Our Tech Stack included React, Node.js, Express, Express Sessions, Axios, React Modern Calendar, React Router, UI Kit, MongoDB, Mongoose, Mongo Store, Passport JS,, Jest, SuperTest, Cors, Nodemon, Express Router

We used these technologies because we wanted something that we were familiar with while also including new technologies to our stack such Passport JS and Mongo DB to extend our knowledge and skill-sets.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack