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A cashless swapping app allowing users to register, to list and browse items and to message one another to arrange and complete swaps.

We wanted to create an app that enables users to get rid of unwanted items by swapping with others. We found that a lot of online marketplaces charge fees or take a cut. We wanted a place where users aren't charged a penny. It helps users who may not be able to afford certain items that they need and allows them to swap for an unused item. We also wanted to help save the planet as our app helps reduce waste going into landfill. We built this app using React Native, Expo for our front end and Firebase for our back end which handles user authentication and our database. Users can browse other users listings on our page and then contact them if they are interested. Messaging is done through our app. Once a trade is completed, the listing is marked 'swap completed'. The listing owner can rate the other user and this rating average is stored in our database for each user. Users can also delete listings and also their whole profile if they wish. Deleting a profile also deletes any listings they may have. Done with it? Swapify it!

Rayhaan Ugharadar - Team 404 - final swapify presentation

Rayhaan Ugharadar - Team 404 - final swapify presentation

Team 404

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Tech Stack

We wanted to create a mobile app for people on the go. React Native was perfect for this. It gave a challenge of learning something new as well as bringing skills that we learnt in React JS. Expo went hand in hand with React Native as it enabled us to create an app for both iOS and Android. It also made life easier to test the app as it updated on our phones in real time as we worked. We chose Firebase as our backend as it gave us everything we needed. We used User Authentication for registering accounts, the Firestore Database for our listings and the Cloud Storage for images.

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