Team Foobar present Topswop!

A Svelte web-app which makes it easy to trade your second-hand items of clothing by matching up with people in your area.

We wanted to create an app that reduces waste and contributes to helping the environment.

Topswop is perfect for freeing space in your wardrobe without throwing it away, or for parents whose kids just don’t stop growing!

Our app allows users to swap items of clothes once they are matched, matching works when both users have liked an item that each has. This then opens a chat room for the users to discuss meeting up. The app allows users to post listings as well as delete, edit and filter them. It also has the functionality to change their password and add photos.

Topswop Demo Vid

Topswop Demo Vid

Team Foobar

Syed JavaidPreview: Syed Javaid

Syed Javaid

Cat HoangPreview: Cat Hoang

Cat Hoang

Max ParkerPreview: Max Parker

Max Parker

Daniel EversonPreview: Daniel Everson

Daniel Everson

Tech Stack

We researched new technologies which we could use to diversify the knowledge we accumulated in the bootcamp.

Svelte makes considerable advances on ReactJS and Express, integrating front- and back-end into easy-to-use components, without sacrificing style or functionality.

Firebase makes the set-up and maintenance of a database much quicker and more streamlined, with far fewer obstacles to achieve comparable results in a shorter time frame. It also includes file storage and secure authentication solutions, drastically reducing our workload.

Tailwind CSS simplifies much of the challenges encountered when writing CSS, and DaiyUI offered many presets in terms of components and themes which were powerful and highly customisable.

Git is the industry standard for version management, and enabled us to collaborate securely and manage file conflicts readily.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack