Team SevenEleventh present Untitled Notes!

Team SevenEleventh present Untitled Notes!Preview: Team SevenEleventh present Untitled Notes!

Untitled Notes is a real-time markdown note-taking app with collaboration features. Easily store and access notes on any device via a web browser.

Have you ever been frustrated by not having a centralized area to store your notes? Untitled Notes fixes this problem by letting you access your notes from any device via a web browser.

Our app provides rich features including real-time markdown editor (no more clicking a preview button!). Enables users to #tag their notes to organise their collections. Real-time collaboration is also possible via a shareable URL link with no need to download any software.

Signing up is easy because of integration with Google and Github accounts, just use your existing login!

Untitled Notes Demo Vid

Untitled Notes Demo Vid

Team SevenEleventh

Samuel EdgePreview: Samuel Edge

Samuel Edge

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Ryan Mustoe

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Kiran Fatima

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Gabriela Tiplea

John DriscollPreview: John Driscoll

John Driscoll

Tech Stack

Our Tech Stack includes: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Remirror, Chakra UI, Framer Motion, Y.js, WebRTC

After spiking various possibilities we chose these technologies as they provided us with simple and effect ways to achieve what we set out to create.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack