February 2022 Cohort Project Showcase

February 2022 Cohort Project Showcase

Let's go

The purpose of this application is to simulate the UK theory test and give end-users the best chance at passing the test on their first try.


A social media platform for RPG players

Mash Drive

A Social Media App for Wacky Food Combinations

PT Finder

Allowing fitness enthusiasts to connect with personal trainers and track their fitness journey

Odd Jobs

Doing, doing, done...a marketplace for odd jobs


Murdle is a Wordle clone that adds the challenges of beating a timer, as well as the hangman.

Park Life Treasure Hunt

Park Life is a Treasure Hunt app that helps young families discover and appreciate what is around them as they have a fun walk around the park.


A platform to allow anyone who wants to self learn a new skill to pair up with someone who can encourage them and hold them accountable to goals they have set themselves.


Gardenr is a mobile app designed to connect gardening businesses with prospective clients