Team disArray present Mash Drive

A Social Media App for Wacky Food Combinations

Mash Drive is a mobile social media app made in react-native. Inspired by accidentally pouring orange juice on Coco Pops and realising that even though it sounds disgusting, sometimes bizarre food combinations can secretly be delicious.

The app encourages users to share their most disgusting food combinations and hidden gems. They can upload photos, rate other user's creations, leave comments and browse leaderboards of the top-rated posts.

Mash Drive Demo Video

Mash Drive Demo Video

Mash Drive

Alfred BettsPreview: Alfred Betts

Alfred Betts

Alistair Sinclair-SmithPreview: Alistair Sinclair-Smith

Alistair Sinclair-Smith

Ryan NuttallPreview: Ryan Nuttall

Ryan Nuttall

Joe HawkinsPreview: Joe Hawkins

Joe Hawkins

Tech Stack

React-native, Expo, Firebase with Firestore, Puppeteer, Node, Github, Trello

We wanted to use Firebase to properly handle user authentication. React-native to develop for mobile and build on our knowledge of React. Firebase with Firestore to try working with a non-relational database. Puppeteer to create a dataset to be used with our app and Expo to help us build and test our app.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack