Code-blooded present Odd Jobs

Doing, doing, done...a marketplace for odd jobs

Odd Jobs arose from the need to get jobs done, which may be too small to hire a professional, but could be beyond your skillset, or you don't have time for.

An app to bring the community together. People can ask for, or offer, help with odd jobs. A simple way to pick up extra money if you have some spare time and want to help your neighbours.

Odd Jobs Demo Video

Odd Jobs Demo Video

Odd Jobs

Akin FagbohunPreview: Akin Fagbohun

Akin Fagbohun

Vicky BrookePreview: Vicky Brooke

Vicky Brooke

John MurphyPreview: John Murphy

John Murphy

Shaun ClarkePreview: Shaun Clarke

Shaun Clarke

Tim TuckerPreview: Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker

Tech Stack

MongoDB, Atlas, BCrypt HASH, node js, express,, Heroku, React Native, JavaScript Google Maps API, Google Geocode API

React Native - We wanted to use a new framework which would create a mobile app, we chose this as it was similar to React which we were already familiar with.

MongoDB - We wanted to use some new no SQL tech and this works well with mobile and geolocation data.

BCrypt HASH - To store users' passwords securely. - We used WebSockets to enable real-time chat for users.

JavaScripts Maps API - To allow us to pin markers showing the user's location.

Google Geocode API - To enable us to convert users' postcodes into coordinates to use with Maps API.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack