Hackstreet Boys present PT Finder

Allowing fitness enthusiasts to connect with personal trainers and track their fitness journey.

PT Finder is for anyone who is looking to start or improve their fitness journey with the help of a personal trainer. It is designed to connect fitness enthusiasts with a list of Personal Trainers, who can be found through a simple location search. It is then easy to find a match, as each PT must list their specialist training and contact information, allowing users to get in touch.

Once the fitness journey has started, goals and results can then easily be recorded on the user's profile page, using the goal checker function. There is also the option to log weight each day, should this be your goal. PT Finder also allows independent Personal Trainers to market themselves and attract more clients.

PT Finder Demo

PT Finder Demo

PT Finder

Isaak GarsidePreview: Isaak Garside

Isaak Garside

Sam RichmondPreview: Sam Richmond

Sam Richmond

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Mark Wills

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Temi Alao

Richard ParlePreview: Richard Parle

Richard Parle

Tech Stack

Firebase FireStore, Firebase Authentication, React Native

With the PT Finder app we wanted to allow real-time information to be shared between personal trainers and potential clients. Firebase was chosen for the back-end tech stack as this provided well-established solutions for various requirements. Firebase Authentication was chosen for end-user registration and logon Firestore provides real-time database functionality in the cloud and offers a very flexible NOSQL structure.

Further functionality is also available for possible future development - this includes instant messaging functionality which we envisage being used for direct communications between personal trainers and clients React Native was utilised to enable cross-platform development.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack