Team Object present .push(skill)

.push(skill) was created as a platform to allow anyone who wants to self-learn a new skill to pair up with someone who can encourage them and hold them accountable to goals they have set themselves.

The site allows a user to sign up or log in. Once they have logged in, users will see a list of people who have been selected as they share traits with the user. From there, the user can select one of these people to become your learning buddy. They can then chat with them in real-time. The User can also view their profile, award achievements to their partner and see any achievements they have earned.

The chat function was facilitated using The site was created as a PWA using React and the ContextAPI. The authentication was achieved using JWT. The styling was written with Styled Components and API requests were handled with axios.

push(skill) Demo

push(skill) Demo


Adam SackfieldPreview: Adam Sackfield

Adam Sackfield

Owen CorriganPreview: Owen Corrigan

Owen Corrigan

Dane WhitfieldPreview: Dane Whitfield

Dane Whitfield

Tech Stack

React, Node, MongoDB, Express, Axios,, Bcrypt, JWT, Jest and Styled-Components

We had a spiking phase and decided these were the technologies we were comfortable with or ones we could get comfortable with in the timeframe we had. React was chosen as it allows for instant re-rendering of content, MongoDB for its simplicity and document-oriented nature.

Tech StackPreview: Tech Stack