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Find out what our participants are saying about our remote courses

Remote JavaScript course Alex

<Alex />

"I love the fact that Northcoders has managed to carry the friendly and welcoming vibe online and maintain a social aspect."

Northcoders online coding course Judit

<Judit />

"I think it's amazing how fast Northcoders reacted to the situation and how smooth the transition to working remotely has been."

Online coding course Harriet

<Harriet />

"I am enjoying remote learning because of the support Northcoders have provided. They always make sure they do their normal "walk arounds" and ensure we all understand the curriculum."

Online JavaScript course Mustabur

<Mustabur />

"I can confidently say that the quality of the remote service is just as brilliant as you would expect. It's as if the tutor was sat right next to you."

National Code School Philippa

<Philippa />

"Remote delivery works seamlessly! The community is fantastic and getting help is super easy. Tutors respond using voice calls, video chat or code liveshare, so it's as if we were together on campus."

Web Development course UK James

<James />

"The team at Northcoders are committed to delivering the same great content to us remotely in the way we'd get in the classroom – and it shows."

Manchester Coding School, Leeds & Yorkshire

<Conway />

"I've had hours of interactive lectures, one-on-one liveshared reviews of my code, phonecalls and debugging sessions. My whole cohort is remote, but the way Northcoders has built the community online has made us feel like we're still together, checking in every morning to chat about our breakfasts, our dogs or our code."

London UK remote coding school

<Katy />

"I'm enjoying the same, fun delivery of our lectures and good quality teaching without having to make the daily 3 hour commute! The community spirit is strong and the tutors have tried and tested a number of different platforms to find out what works best for us to maintain that."

Coding Courses across the North-West

<Justin />

"The remote lectures are really good for a number of reasons, you are able to go back and watch parts again and go back over any areas you dont understand. The tutors give you ample time to ask questions and the lecture is available online any time you need to refer back to it. You can pause and make as many coffees as you need without missing anything."

Online remote UK web development Niels

<Niels />

"The tutors are great! They are making the most of the situation and are extremely helpful going above and beyond!"

North coders reviews remote online

<Harriet />

"Although you're working from home you're never working alone, the tutors check in, code share and are always on hand to help you to debug your code. It's the ideal (well, not really but you-know-what-I-mean...) time to use your isolation to learn new skills."

Learn to code remotely online Roz

<Roz />

"They have gone the extra mile to ensure we keep the social atmosphere that many of us love about Northcoders and that drew us there in the first place."

Online National Code Course Conrad

<Conrad />

"The community spirit is very much still alive; if anything else it has gotten even stronger now that we have a course-wide online community to hang out on after hours"

Online web developer course Sam

<Sam />

"The tutors are still making sure they apply the personal touch, keep in contact and provide whatever 1-to-1 teaching/learning methods we need"

JavaScript HTML CSS courses Joanna

<Joanna />

"Everything works fantastically. The tutors are amazing and can help just as well over live share and over the phone."

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