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Aaron's story

Aaron's story

How did you find your time on the bootcamp?

My time at Northcoders has been far more than I ever expected would be. There is a lot of value in having expert help and figuring things out independently, and I believe the folks at Northcoders have perfectly captured the balance between the two in an efficient way.

In my experience, the teaching team at Northcoders quickly evolve beyond their roles as teachers

February 2018

What were you doing before the bootcamp and what made you apply?

Before Northcoders, I was a student and wanted more than anything to start working in the digital industry.

What was the support like on the course?

In my experience, the teaching team at Northcoders quickly evolve beyond their roles as teachers. I believe the genius idea to have the teaching staff partly comprise of ex-northcoders means it's a lot easier for them to relate to any challenges you might face during the course. They simply all have been in your shoes.

How much support did you receive from Northcoders with your job search after the course?

The Northcoders career support ensures that every Northcoder truly understands him/her self and what they would like in a job, ensuring that they apply to the right job and have the best chance of gaining employment.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying?

Learning to code, at least for me, is a journey. You can choose to take this journey alone, as I have tried, and there's no fault in that. However, taking that journey with family and friends at Northcoders makes it a lot easier. From having the support of colleagues at a similar level to you, to having expert guidance a single request away, you can expect to fly through challenges.

Anything else you would like to add?

Initially, I imagined my age and background might be a disadvantage, as it often is. However, I can honestly say I have felt welcomed as a part of a broad community at Northcoders. I have never, even for a minute, felt out of place on the course and I have the team and my wonderful cohort colleagues to thank for that.