Graduate Stories

Administrator to JavaScript Developer

Luke's story

Luke's story

How did you find your time on the bootcamp?

I'll probably be friends with the people on my cohort for the rest of my life. The course itself? Challenging, hard work and totally worth it.

Every single person I asked for help over the length of the course went above and beyond

October 2018

What were you doing before the bootcamp and what made you apply?

Before Northcoders, I was working in administration, or paper-pushing, as I like to call it. I was absolutely miserable, and bored. Coding has been a godsend, the chance to actually use my brain again, and the logical thinking required by coding which I find so soothing.

What was the support like on the course?

The teaching team was amazing. Special kudos to Paul, who was so patient with us asking dumb questions, even though we hadn't officially been assigned to him since the first module, and were probably interupting something important he should have been doing, but really, every single person I asked for help over the length of the course went above and beyond.

How much support did you receive from Northcoders with your job search after the course?

The job market was quite quiet after I graduated, due to the time of year, and I further complicated things by wanting to move to Leeds. Despite this, the team got me my first interview within a couple of weeks. Whilst they didn't find the job I've eventually taken, they were able to advise me on some of the more soft elements of the interview process.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying?

In the words of Paddy, from my cohort, just do it. No really though, if you enjoy puzzles, or logic, there are few better avenues for ending up in a job you'll love.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank every single one of you, student and teacher. It's been one hell of an experience, and one that has, without a doubt, changed my life for the better.